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What is the Best Screen Size for Gaming?

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Before playing a video game, you need to figure out what is the best screen size for gaming. They don’t make all games to be played in a large screen monitor.

For example, I enjoy playing first-person shooter games like Warzone on a huge monitor. This is because you need to see the enemy from far away to have an edge.

Here, you will learn more about choosing a monitor screen size for your needs. There are a few factors to consider when choosing the best screen size for gaming.

The type of game being played is the first thing to think about. Different genres of games have different requirements.

Best Screen Size for Gaming

First-person shooter games like Call of Duty Warzone may benefit from a larger screen, as they often involve a lot of visual information and movement.

The player can take in all the action on the gaming monitor if this helps to create a more immersive gaming experience.

Games with fast reflexes are better for smaller screens.

These types of games can be more challenging playing on a larger screen, as there may be more visual distractions and it may be harder to focus on the specific actions required by the game.

Smaller screens are more convenient for gaming on the go.

Video games that are suitable for small screens include:

Puzzle games: Puzzle games are great for handheld devices and can be played on small screens.

Platformers: We can play games that involve navigating a character through a series of obstacles on small screens.

Strategy games: Strategy games, such as chess or Go, can be played on small screens and do not require fast reflexes or precise input.

Point-and-click games: Point-and-click games, which involve clicking on objects or characters to interact with them, can be played on small screens and do not require fast reflexes or precise input.

Text-based games: These games, which rely on reading and making choices, can be played on small screens.

Measure your Monitor’s Distance

The size of the room where the monitor is used is a factor to consider when choosing a screen size. Smaller screens may be sufficient if the monitor is close to the viewer.

However, if the monitor is farther away, a larger screen may be necessary to ensure that the image is large enough to be clearly visible.

For example, if your monitor is in the living room six feet apart from where you sit, get a large screen.

If you play video games in the bedroom 2 feet away from where you sit, get a smaller screen. Keep in mind that sitting too close to a monitor can hurt your vision.

Besides these considerations, it’s important to think about the users’ preference for screen size.

Some people may prefer a larger screen for a more immersive gaming experience, while others may prefer a smaller screen for a more focused and precise gaming experience.


Overall, the best screen size for video gaming can vary depending on things like types of games, the size of the room where the monitor is used, and the viewer’s preference.

By taking these factors into account, you can choose a screen size that is enjoyable to use, and that will enhance your gaming experience.

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