The Jagged Crown Quest Walkthrough

By Tony Monzon, 12 February, 2024
A hand holdig an expensive kings crown

After talking to Galmar Stone-Fist, I need to meet him outside of Korvanjund. We are supposed to find an ancient crown with lots of power, hidden in some ruins.

If this crown really exists, there must be some big, ugly monsters guarding it.

I am going to travel to the Bronze Water Cave because it’s the closest fast travel route I have discovered. The bronze water cave is located east of Korvanjund, just a few miles away.

Once you start the mission, stick close to Galmar, let him lead the way. If you get too far ahead, you could get ambushed by a group of Imperial soldiers.

Also, if you have a mercenary, be sure he or she continues to follow you. Sometimes they get stuck in odd places. Another option is to tell your hireling to wait outside until you’re done.

The Slow Time Shout Location

Look around deeply, there is a shout named “Slow Time” in Korvanjund Temple. This is the first shout I discovered playing this character.

This shout allows you to slow time around you to giving you an advantage in combat. After retrieving the jagged crown quest, hurry back to Windhelm and give it to Ulfric Stormcloak.

Message to Whiterun Quest

After completing the jagged crown quest, I need to deliver an axe to the Jarl of Whiterun. To get there, I am going to fast travel to Riverwood and travel north.

Riverwood is located south of Whiterun city. When you arrive, go through Whiterun and up to Dragonsearch to find the Jarl.

Bleak Falls Barrow Quest

Jarl Balgruuf of Whiterun will issue you a new quest called bleak falls barrow. Talk to Farengar, the court wizard, about this new task.

We need to retrieve The Dragonstone from a dangerous place. Before going on this mission, visit the Temple of Kynareth to cure your diseases.

The location of the Temple of Kynareth is in between Dragonsearch and the center of Whiterun.

Activate the Shrine of Kynareth to cure your diseases and get a temporary stamina buff. Stamina is important for warriors so they don’t get tired quick.

Visit the Merchant in Riverwood

Before you head out to Bleak Falls Barrow, pass by Riverwood city. Once you are in Riverwood, go visit a merchant at the Riverwood trader.

The Riverwood trader is going to give you a quest that you can complete while on your main quest.

While visiting the Riverwood trader, pick up a few health potions for your journey. The Riverwood trader is going to give you The Golden Claw quest.

We can complete this quest at the same time as Bleak Falls Barrow quest. Once you get to Bleak Falls, be prepared to fight. There are bandits located all over the place and they’re guarding the entrance.

I recommend you take a mercenary with you. This way, you can complete the quest faster and easier.

Skyrim Bleak Falls Barrow Puzzle 2

To solve the bleak falls barrow puzzle 2, go into your inventory and look for the golden claw.

When you open your inventory, you’re going to see the golden claw to the right side of the screen. To see the golden claw markings, you need to zoom in closer.

On your Xbox controller, press down on the right joystick to zoom in and then you will see three small circles. The first circle is a bear, the second circle is a butterfly, and the third circle is an owl.

Use the same order of animals that you see on the claw on the door in front of you to open it.

Health Potions are Helpful

For the final boss battle, you need to get prepared. Stock up on potions of health and place them on your favorites bar. You could also use your berserker rage ability.

Once the quest is complete, grab the Dragonstone and hurry back to Lucan Valerius, the merchant in Riverwood, to receive your reward.

Once you’re done visiting Riverwood, go visit Dragonsearch in Whiterun. Give the dragon stone to Farengar, the court wizard.

After you have completed the quest, Jarl Balgruuf is going to give you a new quest called Dragon Rising.

Dragon Rising Quest in Skyrim

Meet Irileth near the western watch tower. Be prepared to fight a dangerous dragon.

I recommend you take a protection potion of resist fire to help you battle the dragon. The fire protection potion will protect you from the dragon’s fire and will help you complete the quest.

Once you’re done with the quest, go back and see Jarl Balgruuf in Whiterun. Once you’re done with that quest, start the Message to Whiterun quest.

Now continue with the message to Whiterun quest and deliver the axe to Jarl Balgruuf and wait for his response. Once you get a response deliver the axe to Jarl Ulfric at Windhelm.

How to get Housecarl Lydia from Skyrim

To get housecarl Lydia in the Skyrim video game, you need to complete an early game quest named Dragon Rising.

Once you complete the Dragon Rising quest, you will receive a housecarl as a reward. Her name is Lydia and she will follow you on your adventures.

If you have a mercenary following you, you will need to choose between the mercenary and Lydia. You don’t have to choose Lydia and continue with your current mercenary if you like.

Where can I find Lydia in Skyrim?

You can find housecarl Lydia in Dragonsearch or if you own a home, she will wait for you in your house or property.

The good news is that you don’t have to pay Lydia any money to follow you around. She is a gift from the Whiterun Jarl for the service you provided.

Once you return the axe to Jarl Ulfric, you will receive a new quest. The new quest is called battle for white Rome.

Battle for Whiterun Quest

Now it’s time to get orders from our commander, Galmar Stone-Fist. We are going to overthrow the Whiterun Jarl and his followers.

Before going into the battle of Whiterun, stock up on health potions. When you start the war, try not to get ahead of the group. You can get ambushed by three or more Imperial soldiers at the front gate.

Also, while completing the battle for Whiterun's quest, don’t fast travel to another area. For example, I went back to the city of Windhelm to get more health potions and couldn’t return to the battle.

The quest will cancel and the battle will be over when you try to get back. Also, Jarl Ulfric will be upset because he thinks you ran away from the war.

I really hated that moment, and wished I could return to the battlefield. Once you’re done with this quest, report back to Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak for the next task. He will issue you a new quest called Liberation of Skyrim.

Liberation of Skyrim Quest

To get to the Falkreath Stormcloack Camp, I used the fast travel option straight to Helgen. From Helgen, I can quickly cross over and get to the quest aim.

Meet Ralof near Fort Neugrad to get your orders. The best plan of attack is to wait until it gets dark outside. The quest suggests you sneak into the fort. However, my orc warrior is not good at sneaking around.

So the only way to fight like a true warrior is to rush into battle. Haaaaa! into battle, we go!

As you’re completing the quest, don’t worry about picking up items from the floor or around you. If you get distracted, an Imperial soldier may stab you in the back.

First, try to eliminate all imperial soldiers in all areas. Some enemies hide in rooms, so be careful. Once you take over the fort, don’t forget to collect all the loot and treasure.

It's Time for a Boss Fight

Be prepared to fight the Fort Neugrad commander. He’s angry and tough, so be careful.

Once you eliminate all imperial soldiers, including the fort commander, free the prisoners. Go outside and enter the prison dungeon located nearby.

After killing all guards inside the prison, you need to get the prison key from one of the dead guards. Go downstairs and free our Stormcloak comrades-in-arms quickly.

Now it’s time to grab all the loot and treasure that you can carry. As soon as you’re done, head back to Jarl Ulfric in Windhelm.

How to Level Up Alchemy in Skyrim

There are many ways to level up the Alchemy skill. Go to an alchemist in Skyrim and pay them to train you. Alchemists will train you in the fine art of alchemy five times on your current level.

While this is a fast way to level up alchemy, it’s also the most expensive. Now I need to level up my alchemy skill.

So I am going to travel to Whiterun and get training there. My alchemy level is at 17, which is way too low compared to other skills. So I need to level it up to 20 or more.

Now I’m going to Whiterun and I am going to Arcadia‘s Cauldron. If you want to train your alchemy craft, visit Arcadia’s Cauldron in Whiterun.

In this shop, they have an alchemy lab that you can use to experiment with different ingredients. Talk to Arcadia, the alchemist, and she will train you.

Arcadia the Alchemist in Skyrim

She can teach you five times at your current level. The cost is 220 gold for the first training lesson. The cost of alchemy training will rise as you get more experience.

I increased my alchemy level to 20, now I can add two perk points. So now I can go back into my skills tab, and in the alchemy skill tree, I will add two perk points to increase my rank.

One point will go to the Physician perk in alchemy. Now the health, magicka, and stamina potions that I mix will be more powerful.

Check out my Skyrim alchemy guide to help you level up fast in the game. While I was out on my adventures, I found Iron Gauntlets of Major Alchemy.

When I wear these gauntlets, I create potions that are 17% more powerful. Note, if you ever find gear that can help you increase alchemy, remember to wear it before mixing ingredients in the alchemy lab.

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