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Tony Monzon

Welcome to Tony Monzon is an IT Support Specialist certified by Google.

He created to help people with computer problems.

I’m passionate about gaming Pcs and technology. The latest hardware and software is what I love to use in my builds.

I’m always on the lookout for new gaming technology to help us get ahead in our games.

About Tony


My Gaming Story

I wasn’t always into gaming until I started playing online video games like EverQuest (1999) and the World of WarCraft (2004). Once I was hooked on gaming, I became more interested in building gaming computers.

Since then, I have built several high performance PCs that could play the latest video games. With time, I learned about installing Windows and PC software on my computer to have a better gaming experience.

Now, with several years of experience, I can teach others how to buy and use the latest gaming hardware and software. I am your gaming friend, ready to help you make smart decisions about hardware and software.

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