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By Tony Monzon, 28 March, 2024

Here is a list of 50 coloring pages for gamers when not playing video games. Take a break from gaming and begin coloring your favorite characters. You can print PDF or download the PNG image to draw with a digital tablet. When you find a coloring page you like, go to the search bar and type the exact name. Keep checking back, there are new video game coloring pages added all the time! 

Treasure Chest with Gems

By Tony Monzon, 28 March, 2024

Traveling the rugged roads of Skyrim is an adventure fraught with peril. Among the most common dangers a wanderer faces are the bandit ambushes. These highwaymen know the lay of the land and use it to their advantage, catching unsuspecting travelers off-guard. 

Warriors and mages alike must be prepared for these encounters. A lapse in vigilance can lead to an untimely end. This article offers essential advice to ensure one survives these sudden encounters and continues their quest across the Nordic landscape.

By Tony Monzon, 26 March, 2024

In the rugged province of Skyrim, bandit clans carve out their territories with a combination of force and strategy. Within these groups, there are various roles and ranks, each contributing to the clan's survival and success.