Hitting the Books Skyrim Walkthrough

By Tony Monzon, 14 March, 2024
A fire mage shooting fire through his hands

Key things to keep in mind. For this quest, you don’t need a companion. As a battle mage, I could take everyone down with my fire daedra. Take enough health potions to last a bit. This is a fun quest and you will fight a lot of mage types. Bring protection for ice and fire damage if possible. Go slow, don’t rush in because you will get ambushed by a lot of enemies.

Look around for treasure chests. They are well-hidden and contain good loot. Once you clear an area, check each mage for a key. You need a special key named “Fellglow Keep Key” to continue the quest. Before reaching the ultimate boss, there are a few novice mages that can be hard to kill. Stay far from them. If they get close, chop them down with your close combat weapon. Right before going upstairs for the ending battle, save your game.

The last boss is tricky. She will disappear and teleport to various locations. She will summon monsters to attack you, so keep moving and shooting at her. The primary strategy to beat her is to dodge her minions and go after her. When she appears, shoot or run after her to for close hits. You may need to drink some potions for buffs and health. Good luck! Continue reading my adventure below for more juicy details.

My Hitting the Books Quest

Embarking on a journey through the frostbitten lands of Skyrim, I found myself drawn to the arcane mysteries promised by the College of Winterhold. My adventure began with a conversation with Urag gro-Shub, the college’s librarian, whose request was simple yet filled with the promise of danger: “Find the stolen books at Fellglow Keep.” With a sense of determination, I set out on this quest, alone but undaunted, ready to face whatever lay ahead.

As I approached Fellglow Keep, the air grew colder, and a sense of foreboding settled over me. The keep itself was a dark, imposing structure, its halls echoing with the whispers of those who once roamed its corridors. My first encounter within its walls was with an Apprentice Fire Mage, whose sudden attack was a stark reminder of the perils that awaited me. Without a companion by my side, I summoned my Daedra, a fiery ally whose prowess in battle was unmatched. Together, we faced our enemies, her flames and my arrows cutting through the darkness.

The keep was a labyrinth of dangers, from the Apprentice Ice Mage who ambushed me from the tower, wielding ice javelins with deadly precision, to the mages that filled its halls with hostility and magic. Amidst the chaos, I found Orthorn, the person Urag had mentioned, imprisoned and in dire need of rescue. Though I freed him, an ambush, a grim reminder of the keep’s ruthlessness, sealed his fate.

Deep within Fellglow Keep, hidden treasures awaited. In a secret chamber, I discovered the “Staff of Zombies,” a powerful artifact that held the promise of turning the tide in battle. Yet, the deeper I ventured, the greater the challenges became. Novice Necromancers raised the dead to halt my progress, while Novice Conjurers summoned spirit wolves to their side. It was a Novice Storm Mage, however, who proved to be a crucial obstacle, dropping the “Fellglow Keep Key” upon his defeat. This key allowed me to delve further into the keep’s secrets, leading me to a “Scroll of Fire Storm,” a potent weapon against the darkness.

The culmination of my quest was a confrontation with The Caller, the mastermind behind the stolen books. Her ability to vanish and summon minions made her a formidable opponent. The battle was fierce, with every movement and shot counting. Despite her stabbing me, my resolve never wavered, and eventually, we emerged victorious.

With all three stolen books in hand, I returned to Urag gro-Shub at the College of Winterhold. The journey had been fraught with peril, but the knowledge and artifacts I gained along the way were invaluable. For those who follow in my footsteps, let this tale serve as a guide: summon allies to your side, keep your health potions close, and never underestimate the power of strategy and perseverance. The path to mastering the arcane is fraught with danger, but the rewards are beyond measure.

The Discovery of Cronvangr Cave

Bravery, battles against darkness, and the forging of legends accompany my journey through Skyrim. This chapter of my saga began with Lydia and me venturing into the depths of a place shrouded in whispers and fear: Cronvangr Cave. The air inside was thick with the must of neglect, and our every step disturbed the angry inhabitants of this forsaken place - Frostbite Spiders, whose venomous fangs sought to end our quest before it truly began. Despite their assault and the venom coursing through my veins, my resolve only hardened.

Deeper within the cave, we uncovered an entrance to a realm seldom seen by mortal eyes: Cronvangr Broodlair. The sense of being watched was palpable, a foreboding that became all too real when a shadowy figure descended upon us. The Giant Frostbite Spider, a creature of nightmares, leapt with deadly intent, its fangs finding my shoulder, injecting its malicious poison into my body. Lydia, ever my faithful companion, fought valiantly, her sword cleaving through the air to sever one of the beast’s many legs. With a steady hand and an unwavering gaze, I notched an arrow to my bow and let loose. The arrow flew, a beacon of our defiance, and found its mark, felling the monstrous spider and silencing the broodlair’s sinister whispers.

The discovery of a Flawed Varla Stone marked our victory, hidden within a chest that was surely meant never to be opened by the likes of us. This rare gem, a prize beyond measure, was our reward for braving the spider’s den and emerging victorious.

Yet, as is often the case in the land of Skyrim, our trials were far from over. On our journey back to the sanctuary of home, the sky itself turned against us. A Blood Dragon, ancient and fearsome, descended with a fury that turned daylight into night, its flames scorching my armor as if to consume me whole. But Lydia and I stood firm, our arrows piercing the sky, each shot a testament to our determination. As the beast fell to the earth, we closed in, swords in hand, and with a last flurry of blows, we sent the dragon to its eternal rest.

Each battle I face, each challenge I overcome, adds to my story—a tale of courage, perseverance, and the unbreakable bond between companions. These are the moments that define me, not just as a hero of Skyrim, but as a beacon of hope in a land often shrouded in darkness. Onward I march, towards my next adventure, for in Skyrim, the journey is never truly over, and the heart of a warrior beats eternal.

Bleak Falls Barrow Adventure

As I recount my adventures in Skyrim, I remember vividly the day Lydia and I set out for Bleak Falls Barrow, a place whispered in tales as a dungeon of formidable repute. Known for its traps that ensnare the unwary and monsters that lurk in shadowed corners, it was a test of courage and strength that we willingly faced.

The air inside was damp and carried the echo of a thousand battles, a testament to the many who had ventured into its depths before us. The corridors greeted our journey with the skeletal remains of undead warriors and archers, who rose to challenge our passage. Yet, they were no match for our resolve; we dispatched them with ease, their brittle bones shattering beneath our blows.

As we delved deeper, the glow of alchemy ingredients caught our eye. Bonemeal and Nirnroot, components rare and valuable, nestled within the barrow’s ancient walls. These finds were a boon to our journey, promising the crafting of potent potions and elixirs.

Our exploration also led us to a hidden chest, its contents shielded from the unworthy. Among the loot, a prize: the Hide Helmet of Minor Destruction. This artifact, its power palpable to the touch, promised to enhance my magical abilities, a fitting reward for the trials we faced.

Emerging from Bleak Falls Barrow, the weight of our victory upon us, we made our way to the nearby Halted Stream Camp. It was there we discovered an Iron Ore Vein, a source of wealth and material for crafting that called to us. With pickaxes in hand, we mined the ore, each strike a symbol of our triumph over the barrow’s dark depths.

Our journey back home was one of celebration, our spirits high with the thrill of adventure and the satisfaction of challenges overcome. The setting sun cast long shadows over the land as we walked, the beauty of Skyrim unfolding before us. Our path was one of countless adventures yet to come, each step forward a story waiting to be told. In my heart, I knew that no matter what dangers lay ahead, Lydia and I would face them together, our bond unbroken, our resolve unyielding.

Discovered Sarrthal

In the vast and untamed wilderness of Skyrim, Lydia, my warrior companion, and I fill our travels with tales of courage, discovery, and the bonds we forge in battle. Our latest adventure began under the wide, open sky, our feet carrying us towards the ancient ruins of Saarthal, a place shrouded in mystery and history.

No sooner had we approached its ancient gates than Falmer, those twisted creatures that dwell in darkness ambushed us. Armed with bows and cunning, the Falmer enemy archers and scouts sought to end our journey before it could truly begin. Yet, they underestimated the strength that lies in camaraderie and skill. With steel in our hands and determination in our hearts, we fought back, pushing them into the shadows whence they came.

Within the hidden depths of Saarthal, amidst relics of the past and whispers of the ancients, I discovered something extraordinary—a new Thu’um, the Shout known as “Ice Form.” As I uttered its words, I felt a surge of power coursing through me, a chill that could freeze an enemy in their tracks, leaving them at the mercy of our blades.

Our journey through the ruins also led to a remarkable find, the “Staff of the Familiar,” a magical artifact of great value. This staff, capable of summoning spirits to aid us in battle, promised to be an invaluable ally in the trials to come.

With Saarthal’s secrets unveiled and its guardians vanquished, Lydia and I set our sights on Shimmermist Cave, undeterred by the perils that awaited us. True to the tales, more Falmer ambushed us within its cavernous depths, their eyes blind to the light but their senses sharp for the hunt. Yet, through perseverance and the unyielding will of warriors, we outlasted them, proving once again that together we are formidable foes to any who dare cross our path.

As we emerged from the cave, the weight of our victories upon us, we made our way home, not as mere travelers, but as brave warriors. The journey back was a time for reflection, a moment to revel in our triumphs and to ponder the countless adventures that lay ahead. Skyrim is a land of endless wonder, its secrets and dangers as boundless as the stars. And in this land, I am more than just a wanderer—I am a guardian of its tales, a champion of its people, and, alongside Lydia, a hero of its stories yet untold.

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