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By Tony Monzon, 29 January, 2024
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Hi there Skyrim fans, welcome to my Skyrim characters guide! As I play and discover new characters or groups of people in Skyrim, I will write their names and other information as a reference list.

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Skyrim Characters Starting with Letter A

Characters Starting with Letter B


Who is Belrand in Skyrim?

Belrand is a mercenary for hire in Skyrim. If you ever need a companion to help you out in battle, he can help. Belrand charges 500 gold coins for his services and becomes your follower.

Where to find Belrand?

Belrand lives in Solitude and you will find him inside The Winking Skeever. When you enter The Winking Skeever, turn to the right and Belrand is sitting by the tables.


Who is Belethor in Skyrim?

Belethor is a merchant who has a shop named "Belethor's General Goods" in Whiterun city. Sometimes rude, but a good business person, who sells hard to get items.

Where to find Belethor?

Belethor can be found in his shop "Belethor's General Goods" in Whiterun city. The store is located next to "Arcadia's Cauldron", an alchemy store.

Characters Starting with Letter C

Skyrim People Starting with Letter D


Who is Delphine in Skyrim?

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Delphine is the Grandmaster of the Blades. She is a master warrior and a skilled investigator. Delphine was born in Cyrodiil, and her early life is shrouded in mystery.

She joined the Blades when she was young, and quickly rose through the ranks to become one of their most skilled members.

During the events of Skyrim, Delphine works to uncover the truth behind the return of dragons. She is in conflict with the Thalmor, an organization of elves.

Where to find Delphine?

Delphine can be found in various locations throughout Skyrim, depending on the game's progress. In the beginning of the game, Delphine can be found in Riverwood.

Characters Starting with Letter E

Characters Starting with Letter F

Characters Starting with Letter G

Galmar Stone-Fist

Who is Galmar Stone-Fist in Skyrim?

Galmar Stone-Fist is a Nord warrior and one of Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak's top leaders. In Skyrim, Galmar is your boss giving you missions and quests.

Where to find Galmar Stone-Fist?

Galmar Stone-Fist lives in Windhelm and can be found in the Palace of the Kings. However, Galmar is usually stationed outside in a Stormcloak camp plannnig military strategies.

Ghorbash the Iron Hand

Who is Ghorbash the Iron Hand in Skyrim?

Ghorbash the Iron Hand is an Orsimer warrior and former legionnaire who is the brother of Chief Burguk. In Skyrim, he can be recruited as a follower and is proficient in both light and heavy armor, as well as using a shield, a one-handed axe, and a bow.

Where to find Ghorbash the Iron Hand?

Players can access Ghorbash in higher levels at Dushnikh Yal. This location did not appear on my map until level 10 or higher.


Who is Gerdur in Skyrim?

Gerdur is a Nord woodcutter living in Riverwood in the province of Skyrim. She is Hod's wife who runs the Riverwood sawmill.

Ralof is her brother, the character you meet in the beginning of the game. She is a friend and supporter of the Dragonborn.

Where to find Gerdur?

Gerdur can be found in her house in Riverwood. It is located on the east side of town, just off the river. You can find her inside the house with her husband Hod.

Skyrim Citizens Starting with Letter H


Who is Hadvar in Skyrim?

Hadvar the Imperial is a Nord who is the captain of the guard in Riverwood. He is a loyal and reliable person who always does what is best for his people.

He is also a skilled warrior and has many notable achievements to his name.

Where to find Hadvar?

Hadvar can first be found in Helgen, where he helps the player escape from execution. He then accompanies the player to Riverwood, where he can be found at his father's smithy.

He helps the player get started with Skyrim quests and provides advice.

Characters Starting with Letter I

Characters Starting with Letter J

Characters Starting with Letter K

Characters Starting with Letter L

Characters Starting with Letter M


Who is Marcurio the Mage in Skyrim?

Marcurio the mage from Riften is a powerful mercenary. Players can hire him for 500 gold coins. He specializes in Destruction, Restoration, Alteration, and Conjuration skills. Give him magical scrolls and see what happens.

Where to find Marcurio the Mage?

Marcurio the mage lives in Riften, but is often found in The Bee and Barb. You will find him sitting by a door on a bench drinking his favorite drink Black-Briar Mead.

Molag Bal

Who is Molag Bal Lord of Domination in Skyrim?

Molag Bal is a Daedric Prince also known as the Lord of Domination. Molag Bal is a cruel prince that likes to trap his victims and make them slaves. He practices vampirism and loves the sight of blood. Overall, he is a cruel prince with evil intentions.

Where to find Molag Bal Lord of Domination?

Molag Bal is not located in a specific place in Skyrim. He is like a ghost or spirit, and lives in another world. Players can communicate with him in the abandoned house in Markarth city. You can speak to him but cannot see him in person.

Skyrim Characters Starting with Letter N

Characters Starting with Letter O

Orc Race

The Orcs in Skyrim are a race of humanoid warriors that inhabit the region of Skyrim. They are a proud and fierce people, with a strong sense of honor and justice.

The Orcs have a long history in Tamriel, and are known for their skill in battle and their great strength.

Characters Starting with Letter P

Characters Starting with Letter Q

Characters Starting with Letter R


Who is Ralof in Skyrim?

Ralof the Stormcloak is a character in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He is a member of the Stormcloak Rebellion and can be found in Windhelm.

Ralof was born in Windhelm and grew up surrounded by the conflict between the Stormcloaks and the Imperial Legion. His father was killed by Imperial soldiers when Ralof was just a child.

This event shaped Ralof's view of the world and he became determined to fight for the freedom of Skyrim.

Ralof is an excellent fighter and has proven himself to be a valuable asset to the Stormcloak rebellion. He is fiercely loyal to his cause and will do whatever it takes to see Skyrim freed from Imperial rule.

Where to find Ralof?

Ralof can first be found in Helgen, where he is being held captive by the Imperials. He will help the player character escape from their execution and can be found later in Windhelm.

He is an essential character for the Stormcloak quest line and will offer various quests and tasks to the player.

Characters Starting with Letter S


The Stormcloaks are an organization in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that is led by Ulfric Stormcloak.

The Stormcloaks are a group of Nordic rebel forces who are fighting against the Imperial Legion to gain Skyrim's independence from the Empire.

They promote Skyrim's traditional Nordic culture and the worship of the Nordic gods.

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