Skyrim Alchemy Recipes Guide

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Hello adventurers, welcome to my Skyrim alchemy recipes guide. As I play and discover new ingredients, recipes for potions, and poisons, I will write them down as a reference list.

Skyrim Recipes for Potions

Potion EffectsIngredient #1Ingredient #2Ingredient #3
Restore HealthWheatBlisterwortn/a
Resist Poison #1GarlicCharred Skeever Hiden/a
Fortify ConjurationBlue Butterfly WingLavendern/a
Regenerate HealthGarlicVampire Dustn/a
Resist Poison #2GarlicSlaughter Fish Eggsn/a
Fortify StaminaGarlicTorchbug Thoraxn/a
Resist FrostSnowberriesPurple Mountain Flowern/a
Fortify BarterTundra CottonButterfly Wingn/a
Regenerate MagickaTaprootJazbay Grapesn/a
InvisibilityIce Wraith TeethChaurus Eggsn/a
Resist Poison #3Charred Skeever HideMudcrab Chitinn/a
Skyrim Alchemy Table with Ingredients and Potion Effects

Skyrim Recipes for Poisons

Poison EffectsIngredient #1Ingredient #2Ingredient #3
Damage Magicka RegenBlue Mountain FlowerBlue Butterfly Wingn/a
Damage HealthSkeever TailNightshaden/a
Damage StaminaRock Warbler EggBlisterwortn/a
Skyrim Alchemy Table with Ingredients and Poison Effects

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