How to Start the Dawnguard Quest in Skyrim

By Tony Monzon, 10 February, 2024
A vampire dressed as a scout in leather

To start the Dawnguard vampire quest, I need to travel all the way east near Riften city. The quest location is east of Riften.

Since I have discovered Riften on my map, I am going to fast travel there. From there, I will walk all the way to the quest location.

So on my way to the quest, I got ambushed by a few wolves. So be prepared to fight off a few enemies before getting to the quest location.

Once you get to Dayspring Canyon, go inside and look for the leader of Dawnguard.

Once you speak with the leader of the vampire hunters Isran, he will give you another quest.

The Awakening Quest in Skyrim

The Awakening quest in Skyrim asked us to go investigate a place called Dimhollow Crypt. It looks like vampires are searching for something in this location. So now we must investigate this area and see what we find.

Dimhollow Crypt is located northeast of the Lord Stone. It is also located southwest of Dawnstar city. Before starting this quest, make sure you have enough health potions.

There are a lot of vampires in this cave, so bring your follower or mercenary. As you fight your way deeper into the cave, vampires become stronger.

I wasn’t able to beat all the vampires in Dimhollow Crypt. So I will return later when my character reaches level 16.

Skyrim: The Balance of Power Quest

So now I am going to take a break from killing vampires. Now that I have leveled up to level 14, I should be able to defeat the seducers bandit leader. Before I go to the bandit camp, I am going shopping for health potions.

The fastest way to the bandit camp is to go to the Bronze Water Cave. From there, I’m going to walk northeast to the bandit camp. On this mission, I am taking my housecarl follower, Lydia.

Remember, there are over a dozen bandits in this camp. First, defeat the smaller bandits and then the big boss bandit.

After losing like two or three times to these strong bandits, I found out a strategy to beat them. You need to take out the archer that is in the rear.

While you’re fighting three or four bandits, the archer is shooting you from long range. Even if you take out all the bandits, the archer can shoot and kill you with one shot (sniper style).

I switched up on my follower Lydia. I let her go and hired a mercenary named Stenvar. You can hire Stenvar in the city of Windhelm. He is also a two-handed warrior like me.

However, I used an enchanted sword with fire and a shield. My paid mercenary Stenvar helped me by hitting enemies hard with his two-handed sword.

I also had to use my berserker rage, in the beginning of the fight. This allowed me to take a lot of blows and hit my opponents hard. The first thing I did was to take out the archer.

And then I took out the weaker enemies. I left the boss for last, and my follower and I took him down fast.

At the end of the quest, make sure you pick up the book from the body and read it. With no spoilers, you get a nice reward at the end.

The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller Walkthrough

Greybeard Arngeir asked me to retrieve the horn of Jurgen Windcaller. Before starting this quest, I bought myself a leather backpack with a bedroll.

Backpacks are great because they allow you to carry more items in your inventory.

Backpacks are also character class specific; for example, there are thief backpacks that allow you to carry more items and give a bonus to lock-picking.

Also, don’t forget that your follower can carry more items as well. First, we must travel to Ustengrav. Ustengrav is located northeast of the city of Morthal.

I am going to travel to Morthal with the fast travel options. From here, I am going to walk all the way to the Ustengrav quest location.

During the quest, watch out for traps and enemies. Keep a sharp eye everywhere around you to avoid traps and find treasure. Make sure you bring your follower with you to help you out.

Also, this quest has a lot of good loot if you check in the right places. Once you reach to the end and you find the aim, it will give you another task.

To continue the quest, you will need to travel to the city of Riverwood and visit the Sleeping Giant Inn. Once you arrive at the Sleeping Giant Inn, talk to Delphine. Now you can return the horn to Greybeard Arngeir.

A Blade in the Dark Quest

To start A Blade in the Dark Quest, you need to visit the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. You need to talk to a lady named Delphine. Delphine is very mysterious and wants to know if I am really a Dragonborn.

If I show her I can kill a dragon, she will explain everything and anything I ask. For this quest, you need to follow Delphine or meet her near the town of Kynesgrove.

I did not bring any followers with me because this quest is straightforward. Also, Delphine will protect you, so you don’t need any backup. As you are following Delphine, you are going to encounter a lot of enemies.

The good part is that Delphine will kill most of the monsters before you both get to the quest location.

Kynesgrove is located south of the city of Windhelm. Once you get to the dragon's location there, you’ll be able to fight the dragon and prove that you are the Dragonborn.

Bring a fire protection potion because the dragon’s chief weapon is fire. Once you kill the dragon, the quest is complete. Now Delphine trusts you and she will give you all the information that you need.

This is a good time to learn more about a legendary group of heroes named The Blades.

The Bones for a Crow Quest

The Bones a Crow quest is an enormous task; however, I absolutely love it. Crowstooth Camp is located northwest of the city of Riften. I am going to fast travel to Riften.

From there, I will start my journey by walking all the way to the bandit camp. So as we went forward towards our objective, we had to fight a few enemies there.

One of my favorite fights was confronting a Skyrim giant. This was my first fight against a giant and it was fun. We defeated the giant, but it wasn’t a simple task. Skyrim giants hit hard and can kill you with one hit.

My follower’s health was down and it was up to me to finish the fight against the giant. The giant took a swing and hit me full force, knocking my health down past half-way.

I used my berserker rage ability to absorb damage and took down the giant with two blows. As you search for Crowstooth camp, you’re going to stumble upon the Darklight tower.

You need to go inside the Darklight tower to continue the quest.

Skyrim: The Repentance Quest

Once you enter the Darklight tower, someone will give you a new quest called Repentance. We need to help Illia reach the top of the Darklight tower.

As you help Illia on this task, you’re going to encounter many enemies. The tower is creepy, and it’s filled with mad witches.

As you progress through the quest, keep close to Illia. She will guide you where you need to go. For this quest, I found it helpful to use a torch light while walking through the Darklight tower.

There are many things you can’t see in the dark, like treasures chests and traps.

While I was doing this quest, the quest giver, Illia, died. I recommend sticking close to her and protect her if she gets attacked. After all, she is a magic caster and can’t take many hits.

Make sure that you search her body and grab the tower keys. These keys are important because they will lock unlock doors to get to the next quest.

For this quest, it is important to take some magic protection potions. You will encounter a lot of witches.

Once you complete the Repentance quest, you can continue the Bones for a Crow quest. From there, you will reach the location to complete the quest. For these quests, it’s also helpful to carry fire protection potions.

There will be fights with magic casters, so I had to use my bow and arrow to take them out from a distance. Once I got close to them, I took out my two-handed sword and chopped them down.

During this quest, I found a Skyrim item named The Staff of Hag’s Wrath. The next quest is called travel to arc wind point.

Travel to Arcwind Point Quest in Skyrim

Arcwind point is located southwest of Ivarstead. As you travel to Arcwind point, go around and into a mountain. The quest location is located somewhere on top of a mountain.

Once you get to Arcwind point, it will appear on your Skyrim map. Before heading inside, check to see if you have enough health potions.

I had to travel fast travel back to the city of Windhelm to get some health potions. Be ready to fight the leader of the bandits. The leader of the bandits has a lot of friends.

So in order to take her out, first you need to take out the archers in the back. If you’re fighting from far, take out your bow and arrow and shoot.

Wait until they get close, then take out your two-handed sword. I had to use the berserker rage ability, in order to take down the boss. Once you defeat the boss, you need to continue the quest.

To finish the Bones for a Crow quest, you need to go all the way to the top of a tower to reach the ending task. This quest was amazing and not only that, but the rewards are perfect for a two-handed warrior character.

I highly recommend this quest for anyone playing as a warrior. No spoilers here. If you want some warrior gear, complete this quest.

During the Travel to Arcwind Point quest, I found the following Skyrim items:

In my Time of Need Quest

With the In my Time of Need quest, you need to find a red guard woman. I found the redguard woman in Whiterun city, hiding inside The Bannered Mare. The redguard woman's name is Saadia.

After talking to Saadia, she informed me that mercenaries are trying to kill her. She suggested talking to a prisoner that’s locked up in jail at Dragonsreach, Whiterun.

I found the prisoner. He is located in the Dragonsreach dungeon. The dungeon is downstairs inside Dragonsreach.

After talking to the prisoner, he said that Kematu, the mercenary leader, was hiding in Swindler’s Den. So now I will walk all the way to Swindler’s Den, a cave full of bandits, to kill Kematu.

For this quest, I recommend you take a mercenary or follower with you. Also, go shopping for some health and stamina potions. I brought my appointed housecarl Rayya.

She is a redguard woman dual sword fighter. We fought some bandits on the way and picked up a full set armor for Rayya. I also sharpened her swords with the sharpening stone at the Whiterun blacksmith.

The first few battles with these bandits are simple. They have archers and magic casters in the rear firing away. Take them out fast, then fight the melee warriors last. Once you meet Kematu, get ready to fight a gang of mercenaries.

In order to win, you need to last a long time without using up your health potions.

I used my shout power to knock them back, then kept hammering away. If you survive, search for a treasure chest nearby for some goodies.

Now, go back to The Bannered Mare and talk to Saadia for your reward and finish the quest.

During the In my Time of Need Quest, I found the following Skyrim items:

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