How to Join Skyrim's Fighters Guild

By Tony Monzon, 12 February, 2024
A band of warriors and werewolves by the camp fire

I joined the Skyrim fighters guild to get warrior quests and additional training perks. The companions are a group of warriors in Jorrvskr inside Whiterun.

First you must talk to the leader of the companions called Kodlak Whitemane.

Once you talk to the leader of the companions, he will issue you a quest called “Take up Arms.”

Take up Arms Quest in Skyrim

To become a warrior in the companions guild, we need to prove our strength. My next aim is to train with Vilkas, one companion.

Before you go join the companions quest, do not bring your mercenary follower. If you bring your follower, it might interfere with your training with the companions.

I brought my mercenary friend Belrand with me, and we started a fight with the companions. Not good!

Once you’re finished training with Vilkas, he will give you a sword to take to the blacksmith Eorlund. The blacksmith of Jorrvasker is on the top side of the guild.

Once you speak with Eorlund the blacksmith, he will give you a task of bringing Aela, a companion, her shield.

Once you give the shield to Aela, she will issue you a place to sleep in the companions quarters. Now you have a place to sleep in the companions warrior guild.

Now follow Farkas to the sleeping quarters. One good reason to join the companions in Whiterun is they have warrior trainers to upgrade your skills.

For example, Athis from the companions, will teach me one handed weapon skills. I have upgraded my one-handed skill tree to level 30.

I try to keep my two-handed and one-handed weapon skills closely even. This way, if I need to switch weapons in combat, I can use both and be effective.

Hired Muscle Quest in Skyrim

Farkas from the companions issued me a new quest called high hired muscle. I need to intimidate someone in Whiterun without killing them. Once you fight, you will only use your fists.

You can fight him anywhere. The guards and townspeople will not interfere. To win this fight, walk backwards when he swings a punch, then counterattack.

After you have an exciting brawl with Idolaf Battle-Born in Whiterun, return to Farkas.

Balance of Power Quest

Now I am going to go defeat the seducers bandit leader which has been stealing money from merchant caravans. For this quest I am taking my mercenary, to lend me a helping hand.

So right before I go into the camp where the bandits are located, I am going to take a portion of fortify health. Currently, I am a level 10 orc warrior playing on expert mode.

What a bummer! I couldn’t defeat the bandits to finish the quest. No problem, I will come back for revenge when I have more experience. On to our next adventure!

Blessings of Nature Quest in Skyrim

There were rumors about the Gildergreen tree and they sounded interesting. So I went to Whiterun city to meet Danica Pure-Spring.

She gave me a quest called the blessings of nature quest. I was to retrieve a Nettlebane item.

I recommend you take a mercenary with you on this quest. You may encounter some bandits nearby or on the way to the location.

Once you get to the quest location, there are a bunch of witches waiting for you. Make sure you take potions of magic and fire protection.

The boss is pretty strong so you may have to use the orc ability berserk rage. My orc warrior defeated the boss without taking potions. All I used was my berserk rage ability.

Once you are done with the blessings of nature quest, bring it back to Danica in the temple of Kynareth.

Kill the Bandit Leader in Halted Stream Camp Quest

I picked up a bounty quest in Whiterun to start my adventure. Hulda gave me a quest called kill the bandit leader in halted stream camp.

Hulda in the Bannered Mare issued me a quest named kill the bandit leader in Halted Stream Camp.

So I went to this camp during the night in order to surprise attack them. The halted stream camp location is near Dragonsreach.

This camp is Northwest of Dragonsreach and Whiterun. Since I can’t fast travel to the bandit camp, I need to go walking.

On my way to the camp, a sabre cat ambushed us. These cats are very strong and can take out a person with a few hits. My companion Belrand and I fought the sabre cat and put it down to rest quick.

While you are out adventuring, look around for alchemy ingredients. Having a variety of alchemy ingredients will help you level up your alchemy skill faster.

I can see the bandit camp a few miles away, but I am going to wait till nightfall for a surprise attack. Once inside the bandit camp, you will find warriors and archers waiting for you.

After you’re done entering the outside of the halted stream camp, go inside. When you kill a bandit outlaw, make sure you get the key to unlock the camp door.

This will give you access to a location that’s locked behind a door. After you unlock the door, go all the way down and you will find some bandits there and the leader.

Be prepared for a tough fight. You will fight a two handed warrior, which is the leader. And he will have a helper wizard with shocking spells.

I used my orc’s berserker rage ability and one or two health and stamina potions to win the fight. Once you’re done, get all the treasure and loot.

Don’t forget to search the area, there is a treasure chest nearby. Once you’re done, go collect the bounty from Brill in Dragonsearch.

The Way of the Voice Walkthrough

Now I am on my way to speak to the graybeards in High Hrothgar. I want to learn how to use my shout powers to use in combat.

For me, the fastest way to travel to the monastery of High Hrothgar is to go near the Lost Knife Hideout cave. The first place that I need to visit is Ivarstead. It is located southwest of the lost knife cave.

While on my journey, I found an Alchemist’s Shack near Ivarstead. This shack is located south of Ivarstead. The alchemist’s shack is really cool. It has an alchemy lab and has a small room with a bed to sleep.

There are some alchemy materials, books, and ingredients scattered around the shack. This feels like a summer vacation house in the middle of the forest. Since I’m an alchemist, I will visit this area often.

On your way to the monastery, there are many enemies and creatures that will attack you. Have some health potions available and be ready at all times. Once you get to Ivarstead, talk to Klimmek.

He is going to give you a quest to bring supplies to High Hrothgar. This is a simple quest and you will finish two quests in one trip.

As you’re climbing the steps to the monastery of High Hrothgar, there are emblems on the side of the road that describe the history of Skyrim and dragons.

Get close to them and read each tablet before talking to the Greybeards. There are 10 tablets to read with the history of High Hrothgar.

Once you get to the monastery, there is a chest right in the center. Open it and put in the supplies that Klimmek gave you. Now you have completed this quest.

Once you are in the temple, talk to Arngeir the Greybeard and show him you are dragon born. Once you are done with your training in High Hrothgar, he will give you a new quest.

Now you must return to Ivarstead to see Klimmek. He will reward you, and the quest is complete.

Note, you can use the treasure chest in front of High Hrothgar to stash your belongings. This is a great place to leave your stuff until you buy a home and own a home in Skyrim.

Blessings of Nature Quest

To arrive at this quest location, I need to travel to Eldergleam Sanctuary. Since I have not discovered this location, I will travel to the Mixwater Mill nearby.

From Mixwater Mill, I will walk to Eldergleam Sanctuary. Once you’re inside the sanctuary, go all the way in until you see the tree. This tree will block your path because it does not trust you.

You must prove to the tree that you are worthy enough to get close. Now equip the Nettlebane dagger quest item and hit the root of the tree. This will cause the roots of the tree to open a path for you.

Once you open up the path, there’s going to be a big tree right in the center. Activate the tree and get tree sap by pressing A button in the Xbox controller.

Now that you have retrieved the tree sap quest item, you can go back and see Danica Pure-Spring in the Temple of Kynareth.

Be careful as you exit the cave. Spriggan enemies protect the area from intruders and they will attack. Also, while I was out adventuring, I found handy alchemy ingredients.

I also learned how to create the Potion of Regenerate Magicka. The ingredients are taproot and jazz bay grapes. For a list of my latest alchemy discoveries, visit my Skyrim alchemy post.

Kill the Dragon in Bonestrewn Crest Quest

I got this miscellaneous quest to kill a dragon in Bonestrewn Crest. So I switched up on my follower. I let go of Belrand the mercenary. And now I have hoursecarl Lydia from Whiterun.

She is a powerful warrior, but also uses a bow and arrow. I like to have a variety of followers when I’m gaming. This way I don’t get bored with just one follower.

The Bonestrewn Crest location is northeast of Eldergleam Sanctuary. Also, Bonestrewn Crest is located south of Windhelm. Before I go on this quest, I need to buy a bow and arrow.

My orc warrior is not skilled with the bow and arrow, so I will buy an enchanted bow.

Now that I have enough health potions, and a bow and arrow, I can challenge a dragon. So we got to Bonestrewn Crest, and it was dark and scary.

We had to fast travel to Eldergleam Sanctuary to get close to the quest location. While searching for the dragon, be careful that your follower doesn’t get stuck.

There are a lot of rocks and obstacles in the way. If your follower gets stuck, fast-forward time one hour. He or she will appear near you as long as there are no enemies around.

Once you get close to the quest location, the dragon will fly above you. If you get close enough, the dragon will attack.

Once the dragon got close to us, I drew my bow and arrow and started shooting. After starting combat with a dragon, I got ambushed by a bear.

So the bear attacked me and the dragon was also attacking. Lydia killed the bear, and we both teamed up to fight the dragon. It was a good fight with lots of action.

Now we must collect the bounty from Jorleif. Jorleif is in the Palace of the Kings at Windhelm.

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