Kill Nimhe inside Nchuand-Zel Walkthrough

By Tony Monzon, 31 January, 2024
A giant frost spider inside a creepy wet cave

I was on my way to Markarth when I heard about a quest from a man named Calcelmo. He wanted someone to kill Nimhe, a giant spider that was causing trouble in the Nchuand-Zel excavation site.

When I arrived at Understone Keep, I found Calcelmo and he immediately tasked me with the job.

Calcelmo explained that Nimhe had been causing trouble for the excavation team for weeks, and they needed someone to take care of it.

I asked him where I could find the spider, and he pointed me toward Nchuand-Zel, the dwarven ruin where the spider was hiding.

Kill Nimhe inside Nchuand-Zel Walkthrough Skyrim Quest

I knew I couldn’t take on Nimhe alone, so I asked for help. I found Ghorbash the Iron Hand, a strong Orc warrior who agreed to join me on my quest.

Together, we made our way to Nchuand-Zel. The foggy and creepy ruin was eerie, and Frostbite spiders immediately attacked us. We fought them off and harvested their eggs for future use.

I drank a potion of Resist Poison to protect myself from any venom that Nimhe might try to use on me.

We pressed forward, and soon enough, we came face to face with Nimhe. The giant frostbite spider was enormous, and its venom was deadly. But Ghorbash and I were prepared for this fight.

We attacked the spider with all our might, and after a long and grueling battle, we emerged victorious.

I looted Nimhe’s body and found some Frostbite Venom that I could use in future battles. We then walked back to see Calcelmo, who was pleased with our success.

As a reward, he gave me a Dwemer Museum Key, which would allow me to explore the museum and learn more about the Dwemer.

With the quest complete, Ghorbash and I parted ways, both feeling satisfied with a job well done. The adventure may have been dangerous, but it was certainly worth it for the rewards we received.

And who knows? Perhaps we’ll meet again on another adventure in Skyrim.

My Quest to Steepfall Burrow

I had heard rumors about Steepfall Burrow, a small cave in the northern reaches of Skyrim that held treasure and adventure. As a seasoned adventurer, I knew I had to check it out for myself.

I enlisted the help of my friend, Ghorbash the Iron Hand, and we set off on our journey.

We fasted travel to Lost Echo Cave and then continued on horseback. As we approached the entrance to Steepfall Burrow, a fierce frost troll guarding the cave attacked us.

We fought it off and harvested some snowberries nearby. Once inside, we found ourselves in an icy cave with no signs of life. Suddenly, we were attacked by an angry Frost Troll.

It was a tough battle, but we defeated it and harvest its troll fat and bone meal. As we made our way deeper into the cave, we encountered another frost troll down a long corridor.

Ghorbash used his Dwarven bow to take it down from a distance, while I used my orcish axe and Dwarven shield to fend off its attacks. The troll attacked Ghorbash, but I could sneak up behind it and land the killing blow.

As we explored further, we stumbled upon a treasure chest containing 118 gold coins, a Flawed Varla Stone, and a Necklace of the Minor Knight. We knew we had hit the jackpot.

With our quest complete, we made our way back to civilization, feeling victorious and enriched. The adventure had been tough, but we had come out on top.

And with our newfound treasures, we knew we could continue to explore the vast world of Skyrim with even greater confidence and resources.

My Quest to Fort Hraggstad

I set out on a quest to raid Fort Hraggstad, an Imperial fortress, and Ghorbash the Iron Hand joined me. We started our journey from Lost Echo Cave and waited until sundown to attack.

Archers heavily guarded the fort, so we had to be strategic in our approach. As we got closer, we could hear the archers on guard, and before we knew it, they detected us and shot arrows.

The archers shot from the towers while the Imperial soldiers attacked us from the ground. We fought back, but Ghorbash took too many arrows and had to rest. I stayed out of sight of the archers and entered the fort.

We were met with resistance from ten Imperial soldiers. Ghorbash used his sword and shield, while I used my two-handed orcish sword. Together, we cleared the outside area and the top towers.

We then entered the main quarters and encountered the Fort Commander. The Commander went down easily, and we moved on to the fort prison.

Inside the prison, the jailor attacked us, but we overpowered him. We then found several treasure chests filled with gold coins. Our fort raid was a success, and we were glad we made it out alive.

We sat down and counted the gold coins we had found, and we both agreed that it was worth the risk. We split the treasure equally and then parted ways.

It was a splendid adventure, and we both knew that we would never forget our quest to raid Fort Hraggstad.

My Quest to Wolfskull Cave

As I made my way to Wolfskull Cave, Ghorbash the Iron Hand joined me. We traveled to Lost Echo Cave and were soon attacked by raging vampires.

One of them was a powerful Vampire Nightstalker that gave us a tough fight. Luckily, we could take them down and continue our journey.

As we approached the cave entrance, we discovered the Steed Stone nearby, which would aid us in our travels. We entered the cave and were immediately attacked by a group of bandits.

Despite their resistance, we fought our way through their ranks and found a coin purse containing 17 gold coins.

Further inside, we were ambushed by a Bandit Thug who landed a punch in Ghorbash’s face. Furious, we attacked from the rear and could defeat him.

However, we didn’t find any unique treasures, so we continued on with our journey. Although we found nothing special in Wolfskull Cave, we were glad to have completed the quest and made it out alive.

We both agreed that we needed to be better prepared for our next adventure, so we spent some time training and gathering resources before setting out again.

My Quest to Ironback Hideout

I set out on a quest to Ironback Hideout with Ghorbash the Iron Hand by my side. We traveled on foot, making our way through the rugged terrain. As we journeyed, a bandit archer ambushed us.

We were during fending off the archer when a dragon swooped down and began attacking us.

The dragon breathed flames at Ghorbash, causing him to take some serious burns. However, it also killed the bandit archer with its fiery breath.

We took advantage of the distraction and attacked the dragon, striking it with our swords and arrows.

As we fought the dragon, a Bandit Marauder appeared out of nowhere and attacked me with his mace and shield. I tried to defend myself with my axe and shield, but he was a formidable opponent.

Ghorbash was still dealing with the dragon, so I was left to fend for myself. I drank two Potions of Healing to keep me going and a Potion of Stamina to keep me from tiring out.

I eventually broke through the Marauder’s defenses and defeated him. After the Marauder was defeated, we rejoined the fight against the dragon. I drank a Potion of Resist Fire to protect myself from its flames.

We used our bows to wear the dragon down, and finally, we couldcould take it down with our swords.

After the dragon was defeated, we discovered a treasure chest containing 62 gold coins and an Orcish Mace of Debilitation.

With our quest complete, we returned home to Lakeview Manor, where we could rest and heal our wounds. It had been a tough battle, but we had emerged victorious, and I was grateful to have Ghorbash by my side.

My Quest to Valtheim Towers

We were just passing through, but got ambushed by the enemy at the Valtheim Towers. We knew it would be a dangerous journey, but we were ready for anything.

As we walked, a group of Bandit Thugs ambushed us. They came at us with swords and axes, but we fought back with our own weapons. It was a tough battle, but we emerged victorious.

We continued on our journey and finally arrived at Valtheim Towers. The Bandit Highwayman attacked us when we climbed the tower. I fought him on the staircase, and it was a hard battle.

But eventually, we defeated him and continued to climb the tower. As we ascended, two archers who were waiting to attack us met us. We fought back with our own bows and took them both out.

Finally, we reached the top of the tower, where we encountered a warrior Bandit Chief. He was a tough opponent, and he cornered me, hitting me with his shield. But I broke his defenses and defeat him in battle.

As we made our way to the other side of the tower, another archer attacked us.

I ran over to him and killed him quickly, and as we looked around, we found some valuable loot, including a Goat Cheese Wheel, a Potion of Minor Healing, some Elves Ear, and some garlic.

We also found an Alchemy Lab table where we could mix our own potions. And to top it all off, we found a treasure chest with 62 gold coins inside.

But that wasn’t all. In the chest, we also found an Orcish Helmet and an Orcish Mace of Diminishing. We knew that these would be valuable items to add to our arsenal.

Our quest to Valtheim Towers was a success, and we felt proud of our accomplishments. We returned home to our base at Lakeview Manor, where we could rest and prepare for our next adventure.

My Quest to Darkshade

Ghorbash the Iron Hand and I set out on a mission to Darkshade, a cave notorious for its trolls. We came across a dead bandit and a dead Nord at the entrance, and they had met their untimely end at the hands of the trolls.

As we entered the cave, a large, ferocious troll immediately attacked us. Its size and strength were overwhelming, but we could bring it down with our swords and skills.

As we ventured further into the cave, we found the body of an Argonian who had also been killed by the trolls. We continued on cautiously, knowing that there were still more trolls lurking in the shadows.

Sure enough, another angry troll attacked us, but we could defeat it quickly. As we searched the cave, we came across a fishing spot, and I caught a Glass Catfish.

We also found Mora Tapinella growing in the damp caverns, which we harvested for our alchemy needs. Unfortunately, we were then attacked by another vicious troll, but we defeated it.

Our efforts paid off when we finally found a treasure chest in the deepest part of the cave. Inside, we found 76 gold coins and a Steel Mace of Frost, a weapon imbued with powerful freezing magic.

With our quest complete, we made our way back to civilization, grateful to have survived the dangers of Darkshade.

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