My Orc Warrior Build in Skyrim

By Tony Monzon, 12 February, 2024
A fantasy video game green orc running to battle

The first step in creating your own orc warrior build in Skyrim is to pick the orc race. In the character creation screen, scroll down until you see the orc race and select it.

The reason I played as an orc warrior was because of the cool heavy armor and weapon perks. Orcs also have a racial ability named Berserker Rage.

It helps reduce damage and doubles damage output for 60 seconds. While in the Berserker Rage, orcs deal a lot of damage, making them outstanding fighters.

I’m going to go with the orc race because they make excellent warriors plus I could play him as a two-handed warrior and one-handed warrior.

Update as of 2/12/2024.

I changed my build to what I call, a Run-and-Gun build. This new warrior orc build is tough and made to clear and complete dungeons fast. I will share the details soon!

My Orc Warrior Berserker Build

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How to Customize a Skyrim Orc Build

Once I choose the orc race, I customize my character to make him look the way I want.

Some pre-made characters have scars, war paint and dirt on their faces that I don’t like.

For the next step, I want to change my hairstyle so it could look like a Mohawk. I also want to change the color of his hair to a dark green color. I like my orcs to look nice and green with a light green tone color.

Once you’re done customizing your orc, press the down button to continue. The last step, once you’re done customizing your character, is to give him a memorable name.

If you need orc name ideas, go to the following website to generate orc names Fantasy Name Generator. With this orc warrior, I’m going to name him Bendarr, he's my hero warrior with a nickname of Ben.

The Unbound Quest in Skyrim

Your first quest is Skyrim is called Unbound, you are in Helgen and a Dragon attacks right before you go to the chopping block. Now this is the perfect situation to escape and make a run for it while you have a chance.

During your escape in the Unbound quest, you’re going to have to make a choice either to escape with Hadvar from the Imperial legion or Ralof from the Stormcloak legion. You will need to make your decision fast before the dragon attacks and kills you.

Since I’m playing as an orc warrior, I went with Ralof from the Stormcloak rebellion. I don’t know the difference between both factions yet, but I feel good following the Stormcloaks. Once you are alone inside with Ralof, loot Gunjar’s body and equip your starting gear.

To access your item inventory, press the B button on your Xbox controller and go to the item bar and in the item's menu, equip everything. To ready your weapon, press the X on the Xbox controller.

How to Fight like a Warrior in Skyrim

On the Xbox controller, you want to click on your left trigger to block and click the right trigger to attack. Also, if you hold the right trigger for a few seconds, it will perform a power attack dealing more damage.

Before going trigger-happy, watch your stamina bar, power attacks use up lots of stamina. Get ready because now you will have to fight the imperial soldiers, since you have sided with the Stormcloaks.

After fighting a few Imperial soldiers, you should quick save your game in case you die. The last thing you want is to start all over from the beginning just because you didn’t save the game.

To perform a quick save in Skyrim, press the menu bar on your Xbox controller and on the tab that says System, click on the quick save icon. When you have a chance, search around for potions. Some of these potions you can find them in barrels.

Skyrim Potions are Useful

These potions include healing potions, magicka potions, and stamina potions. You may also find these useful potions on tables, inside boxes, and inside crates. Don’t forget to grab salt piles, which are good for alchemy and for cooking foods.

When you enter the torture chamber in Helgen, make sure that you check around for extra equipment inside those rooms. Inspect the cages for extra gear like swords, shields, pick locks and much more.

When you see a knapsack, go inside and take all the gear you can find. If you have time, read the book The Dragon Born to get familiar with Skyrim.

It’s good practice to always do a quick save after you’re done fighting enemies. This way, if you get killed, let’s say 23 minutes later, you don’t have to battle all over again.

Loot Enemies for Treasure

When you’re done killing the frostbite spiders, make sure you loot them. They have frostbite venom that you can use and apply on your own weapons to deal more damage.

Once you escape from Helgen, the game is going to ask you if you want to enable survival mode. Survival mode adds the need to eat, sleep and stay warm.

It also adds more challenges, such as no fast travel, reduces your carrying weight and you can only level up when you sleep. For now, I will not enable survival mode. For me, the game is more fun without survival mode.

Before the Storm Quest in Skyrim

Once you’re done with the Unbound quest in Helgen, your next quest is called Before the Storm. The first thing you need to do is to talk to Ralof’s sister Gerdur in Riverwood city. All you have to do is follow Ralof into Riverwood and he’s going to guide your next steps.

After following Ralof for a while, he’s going to invite you to join the Stormcloak rebellion. This starts a new quest, and it’s located in the miscellaneous quest log.

Ralof is going to introduce you to The Guardian Stones. The guardian stones are three enormous stones. One stone is for the mage, one stone is for the thief, and one stone for the warrior.

For now, I’m going to choose the warrior stone because I want to learn combat skills 20% faster. You can only choose one guardian stone at a time.

Fast Travel using the Skyrim Map

Once you arrive at Riverwood in Skyrim, you’re going to discover it on your map. Open your map and now you can see the Riverwood icon on your map. You can quickly travel to that location or other areas when you reveal new locations on your map.

Once you arrive at Riverwood, begin looking for Gerdur to complete the next part of the quest. Once you meet Gerdur, she’s going to give you the keys to her house so you can stay whenever you want.

This is great because if you don’t have a place to rest or just passing by Riverwood, you can sleep in her house for free.

Once you complete this step in Riverwood, your next task is to talk to the Jarl of White Run. I will not continue this quest for now, so my next mission is to join the Stormcloak rebellion, which is in the miscellaneous quest log.

Saving your Game in Skyrim

Once you get to Riverwood, create a new save game so you don’t lose progress. Having a variety of game saves is good just in case you need to undo a terrible game.

I always use a general save whenever I’m in a safe area like Riverwood or Whiterun city or any other safe city. So if I get stuck or die in a weird place, I can safely start the game in a safe area.

When you open up the save menu, you’re going to see that it has three auto saves, one quick save, and one create a new save. You can create many new saves if you like, but I only create one new save.

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