A Daedra’s Best Friend Walkthrough (Skyrim)

By Tony Monzon, 23 February, 2024
A statue holding a facial mask

While you are out adventuring, you will stumble upon a dog named Barbas. He will communicate with you and explain the situation. Barbas is having problems with his master, and needs your help. Follow Barbas, he will take you to the Shrine of Clavicus Vile.

The Shrine of Clavicus Vile is located inside Haemar’s Shame Cavern. You don’t need a follower on this quest. However, get ready to fight vampires and other enemies. Bring enough health and cure disease potions to last you for a while. Barbas will act as your companion. He will also fight alongside of you.

Once you find the shrine, you need to retrieve the Rueful Axe. The Rueful Axe is located inside Rimerock Burrow. You will face tough enemies and one boss battle. Once complete, search the area for loot. I looted a “Hide Shield of Waning Shock”, which I equipped.

Finally, go back to the Shrine of Clavicus Vile and give him the Rueful Axe. I received the "Masque of Clavicus Vile" (mask of clavicus vile) as a reward. It’s a heavily armored helmet with magical properties.

Our Travels to Forsaken Cave

Under the vast skies of Skyrim, our journey began with a purpose, armed with might and magic, bound by the spirit of adventure. I, a fierce orc warrior, stood shoulder to shoulder with Rayya, my steadfast companion. Together, we embarked from Whiterun, hearts aflame with the promise of the unknown. The road to Forsaken Cave was long and treacherous, but it was our path to tread.

As we ventured through the wild, the land offered its hidden treasures. Snowberries, veiled in frost, whispered secrets of resistance to the cold. Tundra Cotton swayed gently, its fibers a testament to the resilience of life. And the Torchbug Thorax, glowing softly in the dusk, promised a light in the darkest of times. These alchemy ingredients, collected with careful hands, were the silent allies of our quest.

Upon reaching Forsaken Cave, we steeled ourselves for battle. The air was thick with anticipation, the silence a precursor to the storm of conflict. We were not wrong. Bandits and thieves, lurking in the shadows, launched their assault with ruthless ambition. But they underestimated the bond between us, the unyielding force of companions united in purpose.

Amid the chaos, a moment of serenity found us. “The Mirror,” a tome of ancient wisdom, lay in wait, its pages a mirror to the soul, reflecting the courage required to face one’s own battles. And there, amidst the spoils of victory, a Scroll of Guardian Circle emerged, a beacon of protection against the encroaching darkness.

The cave, once a haven for the vile, is clean. Every corner, every shadow, purged of its enemies. The echo of our victory resonated through the hollow chambers, a testament to our strength and determination.

Our adventure, however, was not confined to the cave’s depths. Outside, the earth yielded its riches. An Iron Ore vein, untouched and ripe for the taking, lay near the entrance. With hammer and pickaxe, we claimed what was ours, the metal a symbol of our enduring spirit.

The journey back to Whiterun was a triumphant march. We returned not just as warriors, but as legends of our own making. The city, with its open gates, welcomed us like heroes of old. Our celebration was a feast for the ages, a joyous end to a tale of courage, friendship, and discovery.

This chronicle of our adventures, from Whiterun to Forsaken Cave and back, is more than a mere account. It is a saga of bravery, a testament to the bond between companions, and a reminder that, in the world of Skyrim, every step is a story waiting to be told.

Accepted the Rescue Mission Quest

In the heart of Whiterun, under the shadow of the great mead hall of Jorrvaskr, my journey for work and adventure took a fateful turn. I approached Vilkas, a warrior of the Companions, his presence as commanding as the tales that surrounded him. With a nod, he entrusted me with a quest of valor — the “Rescue Mission.” Acolyte Jenssen, a soul taken by the harsh grasp of fate, awaited rescue from the clutches of his captors at Serpent’s Bluff Redoubt.

With determination fueling my steps, I ventured forth from Whiterun, traveling on foot through the rugged terrain toward North Brittleshin Pass. The journey was silent, save for the whispers of the wind, speaking tales of those who tread these paths before. As dusk embraced the land, cloaking the world in shadows, I knew the moment to strike had arrived.

Stealthily, under the veil of night, I approached Serpent’s Bluff Redoubt. There, amidst the cold stone and the harsh whispers of enemies, I found Acolyte Jenssen. Alive. The spark of hope in his eyes reignited the fire in my soul, and together, we turned to face our adversaries. Enemy warriors and archers, as many as the stars, descended upon us from all directions. Yet, amidst the chaos, Jenssen’s magical abilities shone brightly, weaving distractions that turned the tide in our favor.

With a warrior’s grace, my sword found its mark, claiming the shadow of an enemy with a silent promise of vengeance. But fate, ever unpredictable, cast me into the embrace of a fire pit. Flames licked at my skin, a searing reminder of the price of our struggle. Yet, even as the fire danced upon my flesh, our spirits remained unbroken, our resolve unwavering.

Victory was ours. The battlefield, silent once more, bore witness to our triumph. In the aftermath, we scoured the area, and among the spoils, we discovered “Novice Robes of Alteration,” a testament to the magical legacy that pulsed through the veins of Skyrim.

Our return to Whiterun was a march of honor. Vilkas, standing tall amidst the Companions, greeted us with a warrior’s respect. The reward of 100 gold coins was more than a mere transaction; it was a symbol of our courage, a recognition of the peril we had faced and overcome.

This tale, woven from the threads of courage, magic, and companionship, is more than a mere recounting of events. It is a saga of resilience, a narrative of a soul’s quest for adventure, and a testament to the indomitable spirit that guides us through the darkest of trials. In the annals of Skyrim, our story stands as a beacon for those who dare to dream, to fight, and to triumph against all odds.

Morvarth’s Lair Vampire Journey

In the shadows of Falkreath, where whispers of the undead stir unrest among the living, Rayya and I forged a pact sealed by the fire of vengeance. Our target was Movarth’s Lair, a den of darkness where a gang of vampires sought refuge from the light. With hearts steeled and blades ready, we embarked on our journey, a path that would lead us through the perilous embrace of Skyrim’s wilderness.

Our travels were not without challenge. Wolves, emboldened by hunger, leapt from the shadows, their eyes gleaming with the promise of a feast. Bandits, lurking in the guise of desperation, sought to claim what was not theirs. Each encounter was a test, a measure of our resolve, and with every victory, our determination grew stronger.

As the silhouette of Movarth’s Lair emerged from the mist, we approached with caution, aware of the evil that dwelled within. The entrance, guarded by a two-handed warrior vampire, became the stage for our first encounter. His strength was formidable, but together, we overcame the darkness that fueled his rage.

The air grew colder, the shadows deeper, as we ventured further into the lair. Archers, hidden in the gloom, loosed their arrows with deadly intent. Yet, their efforts to halt our advance only sharpened our focus, driving us deeper into the heart of darkness.

The main chamber of the lair revealed the horror of our quest — a master vampire, flanked by two of his minions, their eyes devoid of mercy. The Master vampire, a creature of untold power, drained my health with a touch as cold as the grave. His attacks a tempest of violence. But together, Rayya and I stood unyielding, our wills unbroken by the terror before us. With sword and spell, we fought with a fury born of the light, vanquishing the darkness that sought to consume us.

The silence that followed was a testament to our victory. Among the remnants of our foes, we discovered treasures borne of the arcane — an “Iron Armor of Minor Conjuring” and a “Ring of Deft Hands.” These artifacts, imbued with the essence of magic, were the spoils of our battle, a reminder of the strength found in unity.

Our journey from the depths of darkness led us to Whiterun, to the revered halls of Dragonsreach. There, amidst the echoes of history, I sought to unravel the mysteries bound within our prizes. The act of disenchanting, of weaving apart the threads of magic, allowed me to glimpse the fabric of the arcane, enhancing my Enchantment skills with each revelation.

This tale, a chronicle of courage and camaraderie, speaks of more than just the defeat of darkness. It is a narrative of growth, of the bonds forged in the fires of adversity, and the unyielding spirit that guides us through the night. In Skyrim, where legends are born from the actions of the brave, our adventure stands as a beacon for all who dare to challenge the shadows.

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