Find Hrolfdir’s Shield for Igmund Quest in Skyrim

By Tony Monzon, 17 February, 2024
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In this quick Skyrim guide, I show you how I completed the quest "Find Hrolfdir’s Shield for Igmund" in Skyrim. Also, I completed some personal exploration quests to find new locations and treasure. Let's go!

Find Hrolfdir’s Shield for Igmund Quest

I woke up early in the morning feeling excited about my new quest. Jarl Igmund had requested my help in retrieving Hrolfdir’s Shield from Bleakwind Bluff, a fortress full of bandits located to the north of Markarth.

I quickly got dressed, grabbed my trusty sword and shield, and headed out to meet Lydia, my housecarl, who would accompany me on this quest.

After meeting Lydia, we fast traveled to Crabber’s Shanty, the nearest location to Bleakwind Bluff. From there, we walked through the rugged terrain, harvesting Nirnroot along the way.

Suddenly, a skeever creature appeared out of nowhere and attacked us. I drew my sword and killed the creature with a swift strike.

As we continued our journey, a group of outlaw bandits ambushed us. Lydia and I fought them off, but not without sustaining some injuries. We drank healing potions and pressed on towards Bleakwind Bluff.

As we approached the fortress, we could see that bandits heavily guarded it. We went around the perimeter of the fortress searching for an entrance, but it was well hidden.

We finally found it on the southern side and entered cautiously, ready for anything. The inside of Bleakwind Bluff was dark and dank, filled with traps and obstacles.

As we made our way through the fortress, we encountered a powerful Hagraven frost mage who attacked us with deadly spells. It was a tough fight, but we defeated her with our combined strength.

As we proceeded further into the fortress, Forsworn looters who pillaged the place attacked us. We dispatched them quickly and continued our search for Hrolfdir’s Shield.

Finally, we came across a big treasure chest containing some gold and a powerful Staff of the Flame Atronach. But the real prize was Hrolfdir’s Shield, which we found in a hidden room.

With the shield in our possession, we quickly made our way out of the fortress, taking care to avoid any further traps or enemies. We fast traveled back to Markarth and entered the Understone Keep delivering the shield to Jarl Igmund.

The jarl was pleased with our success and rewarded us generously. He also informed us we could now purchase property in Markarth, which was a great honor.

We thanked him for the opportunity and left the keep, feeling proud of our accomplishment.

As we walked through the streets of Markarth, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that we had completed the quest successfully.

We had faced many challenges and enemies, but in the end, we emerged victorious. We took a well-deserved rest and enjoy the sights of the beautiful city of Markarth.

We visited the local shops and taverns and even tried some of the famous mead brewed in the city.

As the sun set on the horizon, we made our way back to our home in Lakeview Manor, ready to rest and prepare for our next adventure.

We had proven ourselves as skilled warriors and adventurers, and we were ready to take on whatever challenges lay ahead.

My Quest to Dushnikh Yal

I had heard but never seen the mighty Orc stronghold of Dushnikh Yal. Eager to explore its depths and unravel its secrets, I set out on a quest to reach this location.

With my trusty horse by my side, I fast traveled to Kolskeggr Mine, a nearby location that would serve as my starting point.

From there, I mounted my horse and set off towards the quest area. Along the way, I noticed the unique flora of the region and harvested some Nirnroot and Nightshade.

As I was carefully picking my way through the underbrush, I suddenly found myself under attack from a fierce cave bear! I drew my weapon and fought for my life, but it was a tough battle.

Just as I thought I was about to be overwhelmed, the bear suddenly fell still, vanquished by my skill and determination.

But my troubles were far from over. As I continued on my journey, I was attacked by a skeever, a small but vicious creature that had been lurking in the shadows.

I dispatched it quickly, but I knew I could not let my guard down. Determined to reach Dushnikh Yal, I pressed on, waiting until nightfall to make my move.

As I drew near to the stronghold, I discovered it was indeed an Orc stronghold, with towering walls and heavily armed guards. But to my surprise, there were no enemies there.

Instead, I found a community of helpful merchants and people eager to trade and share their stories.

With my quest complete, I basked in the glow of my victory. Despite the dangers and challenges I had faced, I had emerged triumphant, and my journey to Dushnikh Yal had been a success. I also made some orc friends.

My Quest to Crystaldrift Cave

As a skilled adventurer in Skyrim, I was constantly on the lookout for my next grand quest. And when I heard about the legendary Crystaldrift Cave, I knew I had to explore it for myself.

So, with my trusty housecarl Lydia by my side, I fast traveled to Riften and set off on foot towards the cave.

But our journey was not without its challenges. As we walked through the dense forest, a lone wolf suddenly attacked us.

I drew my sword and fought back, but the wolf was quick. In the end, we emerged victorious, but not without a few scrapes and bruises.

Undeterred, we continued on towards the cave, determined to see what lay inside. As we approached the entrance, I could feel a shiver run down my spine.

The cave was small and spooky, with dark corners and foreboding shadows. But we pressed on, undaunted by the eerie atmosphere.

As we ventured deeper into the cave, four Frostbite spiders suddenly set us up! I drew my weapons and fought back, but their venomous bites were a formidable opponent.

Thankfully, I had come prepared, and I gulped my Potion of Resist Poison. With renewed strength, I battled the spiders and emerged victorious.

After the battle, we explored the rest of the cave, finding Imp Stool and a Shrine of Kynareth. I activated the shrine and received a Blessing of Kynareth, which increased my stamina by 25 points.

And just when we thought our adventure was over, we discovered a treasure chest with 49 gold coins inside.

With our quest complete, we fast traveled back to Lakeview Manor, our home. As we settled in for the night, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction at our successful journey to Crystaldrift Cave.

My Quest to Lost Knife Hideout

The Lost Knife Hideout is a notorious hideaway for bandit outlaws. I knew it wouldn’t be a simple task, but I was up for the challenge.

I set out from my home in Lakeview Manor with my trusty housecarl Lydia by my side, riding my horse towards Pinepeak Cavern.

As we made our way through the winding roads, I heard something large moving towards us. Suddenly, a troll appeared out of nowhere, blocking our path.

I quickly jumped off my horse, drew my sword, and prepared to fight. Lydia and I fought valiantly, eventually defeating the troll, but not without sustaining some injuries.

As we continued our journey, a vampire suddenly ambushed us. The creature lunged at me with its fangs, but I dodged its attack and strike back with my sword.

However, the vampire was not alone. A Vampire Mistwalker emerged from the shadows, and Lydia and I were soon fighting for our lives. We could take down both of the creatures, but not before taking significant damage.

Determined to continue our quest, we pressed on, eventually coming across a dwarven sword. I inspected it and gave it to Lydia, who was more skilled with a one-handed sword than I was.

Our journey took another dangerous turn when we were attacked by a wisp. We fought it off and continued towards our destination.

Finally, we reached the entrance to the Lost Knife Hideout. It was a dark and foreboding cave, but I was determined to find the treasure inside.

As we made our way through the cave, a group of bandit outlaws attacked us. I drew my Orcish bow of Animus and Lydia wielded her new Dwarven sword as we fought against the outlaws.

We could defeat most of them, but one bandit thug proved to be a tough opponent.

Just as we were about to lose the battle, an upset Sabre Cat suddenly appeared and attacked the thug, giving us the opening we needed to finish him.

We had to defeat the angry sabre cat that was locked up in a cage. Sabre cats are tough because they can hit hard. Lydia and I fought side-by-side until the creature got tired and we took him down.

As we continued to explore the cave, we came across a treasure chest. They filled it with gold and other valuable items, including a pair of Iron Gauntlets of Wielding.

I eagerly added the treasure to my inventory, pleased with our success. With the quest complete, we made our way back to Lakeview Manor, exhausted, but satisfied with our adventure.

I knew that there were more dangerous quests waiting for me in the future, but for now, I was content with my victory at the Lost Knife Hideout.

My Quest to Movarths’s Lair

I had been planning my quest for Movarth’s for a while. The lair was rumored to be the stronghold of a powerful vampire and his minions, and I was determined to put an end to their reign of terror.

To ensure my success, I had hired a mercenary named Belrand to accompany me on my journey. He was a skilled fighter and had been on many dangerous missions before.

We fast traveled to Morthal, a city on the outskirts of the lair. From there, we walked through the marshlands that surrounded it.

As we made our way, we were attacked by a mudcrab, a small but vicious creature that snapped at our heels. Belrand dispatched it easily with his sword, but the encounter had put us both on edge.

As we continued our journey, we came across a patch of deathbell, a poisonous plant that was highly prized by alchemists. I carefully harvested some, hoping it would come in handy later on.

Finally, we arrived at the entrance to Movarth’s Lair. It was a foreboding sight, with jagged rocks jutting out of the ground and a dark, musty smell emanating from within.

Belrand and I exchanged a nervous glance before steeling ourselves and stepping inside. I had been warned that the lair was filled with many deadly creatures, so I had brought plenty of healing potions with me.

I drank one of them immediately and felt my wounds mend. We crept through the cavern, checking things out. But a swarm of frostbite spiders attacked us. I drank a Potion of Resist Poison before the battle.

As we fought for our lives, a vampire’s thrall suddenly ambushed us. He was fast, dodging our attacks with ease. I drank another potion, but it didn’t seem to do much good.

With renewed vigor, I activated my Berserker ability, which made me faster and stronger. I felt an almost supernatural energy coursing through my body, and I attacked the thrall with ferocity.

He dropped, and we pressed on. But our victory was short-lived. A master vampire soon set us upon, his eyes gleaming with a sinister red light.

He was more powerful than any enemy we had faced and his attacks were quick and deadly. But it did not deter me. I fought back with all my might, slicing and dodging with quick precision.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he fell to the ground, defeated.

We searched the lair for any sign of treasure, and were delighted to find a chest filled with 120 gold coins and a Hide Helmet of Major Illusion, a rare and valuable item.

With our quest complete, we fast traveled back to my home at Lakeview Manor, where I proudly displayed my new treasure. Belrand and I shared a drink and toasted to our success.

It had been a hard journey, but one that was well worth it in the end.

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