House of Horrors Skyrim Quest Walkthrough

By Tony Monzon, 9 February, 2024
A spooky haunted house of horrors

The House of Horrors quest in Skyrim is located in the city of Markarth. For this quest, I am taking Stenvar to help me clean this mess.

Vigilant Tyranus asked me to help him search inside an abandoned house for his investigation. In The House of Horrors Quest, you will be introduced to Molag Bal, Lord of Domination.

Molag Bal wants you to complete one last task to prove yourself worthy. Your next quest is to find the Priest of Boethiah.

This was a short but creepy quest that was easy to complete. You don’t need a follower to help you on this part of the quest.

Now you must find the Priest of Boethiah and bring him back to the abandoned house to see Molag Bal. The problem is that the game doesn't tell you where he is located.

I found the priest by accident while adventuring out in Skyrim. The Priest of Boethiah is located in a cave called Druadach Redoubt. Read the following quest to get prepared before you go.

I discovered this location at character level 26. So Druadach Redoubt may not appear on your Skyrim map until you are at a higher level.

My Quest to Druadach Redoubt Cave

Jenassa, the fierce mercenary, and I set out on a perilous journey to Druadach Redoubt Cave, where we knew danger lurked at every turn. As we approached the entrance, two Forsworn Looters attacked us with arrows.

I drew my bow and returned fire, while Jenassa charged with her sword. We emerged victorious, but the battle had only just begun. Inside the cave, a flowing river and the faint aroma of mountain flowers greeted us.

I harvested some flowers, and we pressed on, our eyes scanning the shadows for any sign of danger. Soon we came across an Iron Ore Vein, which we mined for its precious metals.

But the sound of footsteps quickly halted our progress approaching. Five Forsworn enemies charged at us, their weapons raised high. I quickly downed a Potion of Resist Magic, and Jenassa readied her sword.

The first few blows were brutal, but we held our ground and fought fiercely. One by one, we took down the enemies until we left none standing. But just as we were catching our breath, a Forsworn Frost Mage appeared before us.

Her icy spells struck us hard, but I was quick to counter with my two-handed sword. Jenassa launched a surprise attack, and together we defeated the powerful mage.

Our victory was short-lived, as we soon stumbled upon a prisoner named Logrolf the Willful. He begged us to free him, promising us information and rewards in return.

We released him from his chains, and he revealed he was on a quest called “House of Horrors.” We wished him luck and continued on our own mission.

As we delved deeper into the cave, we stumbled upon a treasure chest filled with 160 gold coins, a Staff of Magelight, and a Glass Mace.

We also discovered three player stations - a Grain Mill, a Forge, and an Anvil - which would prove useful in our future endeavors. With our mission complete, we emerged from Druadach Redoubt Cave, victorious but weary.

We had faced formidable foes and emerged unscathed, thanks to our skill and determination.

Jenassa and I exchanged a nod of respect, knowing that we would face many more challenges in the future, but we were ready for anything that lay ahead.

The House of Horrors Quest in Skyrim

Now that you have found and rescued Logrolf the Willful the Priest of Boethiah, you must go back to the abandoned house.

You do not need to bring a follower with you on this quest. Travel to Markarth city and enter the house. You will see the priest ahead of you, follow him.

When you reach the last room Molag Bal and the priest will have a discussion. Molag Bal, Lord of Domination wants you to do something bad to the priest. Remember, this is a game, games are supposed to be fun.

You either do as Molag Bal commands or you don't get the Mace of Molag Bal. This mace is so powerful that it has almost double the base damage of my orcish mace with 17 points of damage.

If you choose not to use Molag's mace, you can sell it for over 1000 gold coins. Now that you finished the quest you earned a reward and made a new friend. Quest complete!

My Quest to Kolskeggr Mine

I had heard stories of Kolskeggr Mine, a location said to be rich in gold and other precious resources. I knew I had to check it out for myself, and so I hired Janassa, a skilled mercenary, to accompany me on my quest.

We fast traveled to Blind Cliff Cave and rode our horses to the mine. Along the way, I spotted some Hanging Moss growing on a rocky outcropping and harvested it. I knew it could be useful for creating potions later on.

As we crossed a bridge by a beautiful waterfall, a group of Forsworn Looters suddenly attacked us. Janassa and I fought back fiercely, using our weapons to fend off the attackers. After a hard-fought battle, we emerged victorious.

Finally, we arrived at the entrance to Kolskeggr Mine. I knew that the Forsworn Looters had taken over the mine, so we had to be careful as we entered.

I drank a Potion of Resist Magic to give myself some added protection against the spells of the enemy mages.

Inside the mine, we encountered a group of three looters. I took out my two-handed orcish weapon and used my Berserker Rage ability to boost my damage output. The looters put up a fight, but in the end, we emerged victorious.

As we continued deeper into the mine, we suddenly came face-to-face with a powerful Forsworn mage. He was a formidable opponent, and I knew we were in for a tough fight. I drew my weapon and prepared to engage her in battle.

The mage could dodge my attacks and launched powerful frost spells at us. Janassa and I were barely holding our own, but then I had an idea.

I used my Berserker Rage ability once again, giving me the added strength and speed I needed to take down the mage. With a mighty blow, I struck him down, and we continued on our way.

As we explored the mine, we found several gold ore veins, which we mined using our pickaxes. We also found some gold bars, which we knew would fetch a high price back in town.

Unfortunately, we did not find any treasure chests or unique weapons or armor, but we were still pleased with our haul.

Finally, our quest was complete. We had defeated the Forsworn Looters and explored the mine, finding valuable resources along the way.

I even found a Gold Diamond Necklace, which I knew would make a great addition to my collection.

With our mission accomplished, we left the mine and headed back to town, eager to sell our loot and reap the rewards of our adventure.

My Quest to Dead Men’s Respite

I stumbled upon the Dead Men’s Respite Nordic ruin, so I hired the fearless orc warrior Ghorbash the Iron Hand to accompany me on this perilous journey.

We began by harvesting some Tundra Cotton before entering the ancient tomb. As we explored the depths of the tomb, we discovered a Ruby Dragon Claw.

I used this dragon claw later on the quest to open a special door. I had time, so I read a book called “The Buying Game” which increased my speech skills.

Our journey was hard, and we were constantly attacked by Frost Spiders and Draugr. However, we were determined to find treasure.

As we continued through the tomb, we saw a ghost and followed it deeper into the ruins.

We discovered an Arcane Enchanter table and were ambushed by Restless Draugr, but with our combined strength, we could fend them off.

The ghost led us to a mysterious book called “King Olaf’s Verse,” which we took before continuing to follow it.

Using the Ruby Dragon Claw to open the door, we used the secret combination of Wolf, Eagle, and Wolf symbols to open the door. We then engaged in a boss battle with King Olaf One-Eye.

It was a tough fight, but Ghorbash and I fought with everything we had and defeated King Olaf. We found a key on his body, which we realized was the King Olaf’s Treasury Key.

Following the ghost’s lead, we eventually found King Olaf’s treasure chest. Inside, we found 277 gold coins, Orcish Plate Gauntlets, and an Elven War Axe. Our mission was finally complete, and we knew that our hard work had paid off.

Ghorbash and I left the tomb and returned to our home, where we celebrated our victory. We knew that the treasure we found would be enough to keep us comfortable for a long time.

It was a successful quest, and we both felt grateful for each other’s company and skill during the journey.

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