How to Buy Land in Falkreath (Skyrim Housing)

By Tony Monzon, 17 February, 2024
A land by the farm house

There are two ways to buy a house or land in Skyrim. Not all major cities offer homes but some will. Go to Whiterun and talk to the steward there, you can purchase a house in the city.

They have the house built for you in the city. However, if you travel west, you can buy land in Falkreath and build your home from scratch.

So I bought a piece of land near Falkreath and will begin constructing my new cozy home.

How to Buy Land in Falkreath

It costs 5000 pieces of gold to buy the new piece of land. Tekla, the Jarl’s steward, will also give you the title for your new home. How cool is that?

Once you pay for your land in Falkreath, you receive a miscellaneous quest to visit your new property. Keep in mind that I'm playing with Skyrim's anniversary edition content.

This includes all DLCs from the past including Skyrim's Hearthfire. The Hearthfire expansion allows players to purchase land and build their own homes.

Visit your New Property in Falkreath Hold

As soon as you buy your piece of land, search for the area and start building your house. First, check your drafting table to choose what you want to create to build your house.

You will create a small house layout on the drafting table. Once you choose the small house layout, the foundation will appear in your area. The next step is to use the carpenter’s workbench.

How to Build your House in Falkreath

With the carpenters’ workbench, you create the house foundation. It will let you know what materials you need to get started. You will need to mine stone quarries.

Each time you create items for your house, you will see the progress as you add more items to your house. You can actually watch it grow from beginning to end.

You also need additional building materials, for example, iron nails and hinges. The game will give you starting materials. Starting materials are in the area where you are going to build your house.

They are between the carpenter’s workbench and drafting table in Skyrim. When you search inside the chest, you will find items like clay ingots, iron nails and quarried stone.

The game gives you a Headstart to build your new home. The cool thing about building your own house is that you can see it grow as you’re building it. You don’t have to build your house right away.

So I left it alone for now and went out to complete some quests. I recommend leaving all building materials inside the chest. This way, when you come back, you can continue where you left off.

As you continue to build your home, there many things that can be added that will help you throughout your adventures.

Also, your housecarls and followers will gather in your new home. When you go out on an adventure, they will wait for you until you return.

The Break of Dawn Quest

So I found myself a strange item called “Meridia’s beacon” in the forsaken cave. When I found that item, it started a new quest call “The Break of Dawn.

Now I must travel to "Mount Kilkreath” and bring the beacon to this location. Mount Kilkreath is located west of "Solitude”. I am going to fast travel to the Solitude sawmill, which is close to Kilkreath.

Once you find the quest location, you need to place Meridia’s beacon next to the statue. Before you enter the temple, you can learn a new shout called “Elemental Fury”.

Search the area around the temple and you will find a wall with the shout words scribed on it. So now we must enter the temple and find an artifact named "Dawnbreaker sword.”

This place or temple is a Nordic ruin 1000 years old. The temple is ancient and creepy. There is a black mist in the air which looks very spooky. While you are inside the temple, search for corpses lying around.

They have a lot of money. When you get near a pedestal with a beam of light, make sure you activate. Once you turn on all the pedestals, a door will open to the Kilkreath catacombs.

After getting beat down by an enemy boss, I decide he is too powerful for me to defeat. I will come back once I am at a higher level. I’m at level 17, so I will wait until I am on level 19.

Before you go fight this powerful mage, bring some magic protection potions. He throws ice bolts at you and can kill players with one hit.

Kill the Leader of Dragon Bridge Overlook

I am going on a bounty quest called “Kill the leader of Dragon Bridge Overlook.” To get this quest, you need to travel to Markarth capitol, go to the Silver-Blook Inn and speak with Kleppr.

Ask him if he has any leads for work and he will issue the quest. So the fastest way for me to travel to location number one is to go to the Chillwind Depths cave.

The cave is right below the quest location, and it is the fastest way to get to the bandit camp. I am taking my housecarl Rayya, just in case I need backup.

Since I am right next to the Chillwind Depths cave, I am going to go inside and check it out. I will leave Rayya and my horse outside just in case I need backup.

One cool thing about Chillwind Depths cave is that if you have a fishing rod in Skyrim, you could fish. There are fishing supplies right next to a river lake flowing through the cave.

Be careful while you’re out here adventuring in this cave. They have frost bite spiders that spit poison at you.

I was getting attacked by the Falmer. They look like ugly goblins and they are pretty tough. I ran out of health potions and I couldn’t finish clearing out the cave.

So now I am I am going back to Whiterun to get more health potions. The city of Solitude is closer to where I am at. So I will travel there to get my supplies and re-supply.

Level up to 18, now my berserker orc warrior is a level 18 fierce fighter. His stats are the following; Health 190, and stamina 180. I leveled up my stamina bar and also my alchemist skill tree.

I chose the benefactor perk because when you mix potions; they have a 25% more impact. So I cleared out the Chillwind Depths cave.

Before exploring this cave, you must bring your follower or mercenary with you to help you out. It is a dangerous cave, and it has the Falmer enemies with a lot of wizards and magic casters.

I was kind of sad because I didn’t find any magical items for me to use. However, you find a lot of Falmer gear, like shields and weapons that you can sell for gold.

I bought a few minor health potions, and I went on my way to kill the leader of Dragon Bridge Overlook. For this quest, you don’t need a follower or mercenary.

He is tough, but he is the only one there. So you should be able to take him down by yourself. I found this quest easy to complete, but I didn’t find any unique magical gear.

To finish this quest, travel to Markarth and go see Raerek in the Understone keep. He will pay you for your services.

Kill the Enemy Leader in Halted Stream Camp Bounty Quest

For this quest, they gave me a bounty to go to the Halted Stream Camp. So I traveled to this location, and I waited until nighttime. I entered the bandit lair, and there were around three bandits outside.

So I went with my follower Lydia. And we took them down fairly easily.So as I went inside the bandit layer, they were a few enemies inside. I recommend taking your housecarl or mercenary with you to take them down.

The main boss leader has one mage and another warrior protecting him. So as I went in, we defeated all of them with no problems or drinking potions.

It’s important to note, there is a Blacksmith Forge and a Grindstone you can use at this location.

Once you kill the leader of the Halted Stream Camp, go back to Dragonsreach in Whiterun to get your reward.A Daedra’s Best Friend

So my next quest is called “A Daedra’s Best Friend”. The quest instructed me to travel with Barbas the dog to the Shrine of Clavicus Vile. So I am going to fast travel to Haemar’s Shame.

This is a small cave on top of a mountain terrain.When you’re inside of the cave, open up your local map to figure out where you have to go.

As soon as you get to the entrance, go to the top of the stairs in front of you, and all the way to the rear, there is a chest with goodies. Be alert and listen carefully for weird noises. There are vampires lurking in every corner.

I recommend you take curing potions because if you get bitten by a vampire, you get a virus or disease. I contracted a vampire disease, fighting the vampires. Luckily I have some cure potions in my inventory.

So now I must travel to Rimerock Burrow to retrieve a special axe weapon. I must follow Barbaras the dog until I reach Rimerock. So I am going to fast travel to Steepfall Burrow.

This will allow me to walk a short distance to the quest location.The cool thing about having Barbas the dog is that he will fight by your side as well. This means you will have a second companion to help you fight monsters.

While you continue with this quest, make sure you have some fire protection potions. Powerful enemies await you in this location with fire as their weapon of choice.

Once you defeat the boss leader who is protecting The Rueful Axe quest item, return to the Shrine of Clavicus Vile with Barbas and the axe.

Once you return The Rueful Axe to its owner, make a quest choice to complete “A Daedra’s Best Friend quest”. No spoilers here! However, depending on your choice, you receive a useful item.

I really enjoyed this quest, and I found the following magical items that are so awesome:

The Awakening Quest

So now that I am a level 19 orc berserker warrior, I am going back vampire hunting. I am going to fast travel to Dimhollow Crypt. I am taking my follower, Lydia, to accompany me on this mission.

Dimhollow is a very creepy place. It has a stream of water that runs right through and it’s very dark and spooky. I'ts important to know that there is an Arcane Enchanter table in Dimhollow Crypt.

Before you go on this quest, make sure you bring some cure potions. When you get bitten by a vampire, you get a disease called Sanguinare Vampiris. If you don’t cure this disease, you will turn into a vampire.

While you investigate the area, make sure you look around in dark corners. There are hidden chests you might miss if you don’t look around.

I defeated a bunch of vampires skeletons and other tough monsters. Once you’re done with this quest, you will meet a mysterious woman. Her name is Serena. Her eyes are glowing red and she is a unique vampire.

She becomes your follower and will fight by your side. So now I have two followers that have my back in battle. Once you complete this quest, a new quest will pop up named Bloodline.

Serena wants you to lead her to her home. Be on guard. This could be an ambush. I really enjoyed this quest and I can’t wait to discover more about the vampires in Skyrim.

Note, if you find books and notes about vampires and their hideouts, keep them for reference. I’m keeping anything that links to vampires and locations in Skyrim.

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